Onboard Magazine – winter 2021/22
19 January 2022

Onboard Magazine – winter 2021/22

Onboard winter 2021/22


Welcome onboard

Sustainability begins on your own doorstep – and at the loading bay.
We have compiled a few current topics for this issue of onboard.
On the occasion of our premiere of our Cargo Bike in the Belgian capital,
for example, the Belgian government minister of Brussels Elke Van den Brandt visited with us. Or: With
the receipt of an organic certificate, Ziegler Germany is an officially approved importer of organic goods
from third countries.
Many individual measures push us forward in the long term: LED lights,
PV systems on logistics roofs or more economical paper consumption.
“Ziegler. Now even greener.” is the motto of our current programme on this topic (see page 5).

We hope that you can stay optimistic and healthy in the new year!

Yours sincerely on behalf of all Ziegler teams

Thorsten Witt

CEO – Ziegler Switzerland & Germany



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