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You expect your sports and leisure goods to provide your customers with relaxation and an adrenaline rush and you rely on unfailing logistics.

For more than 25 years, ZIEGLER has provided a complete range of logistical solutions for manufacturers, importers, distributors  and accessories dealers for motorcycles, scooters, watercraft and snowmobiles.

Our logistics program “LOGIS” was originally designed to meet the demands of major clients in the automotive sector and proved a resounding success which rapidly expanded to include other clients in the sport and leisure industry.

Throughout the supply chain, you track your articles with a single identifier: the chassis number.  This way, we can offer our clients a quick picking service.  Every day, an inventory is made with our program.  Ziegler offers a comprehensive, tailored solution.




  • Container transport to the port
  • Customs clearance
  • Tracking of the container at our warehouse
  • Picking: global or individual
  • Unloading in our specialised warehouse
  • Order processing
  • Follow-up of consignments via electronic data exchange
  • IT assistance
  • Insurance
  • Advice
  • Storage, packaging