Packaging | Ziegler
World Pack is a Ziegler Group unit specialising in the production of packaging for all types of transport and packaging of a wide variety of goods.

We offer packing services throughout Europe, either at your location, our warehouse or at a designated location, including airports and seaports.

We have many years of experience packing a wide variety of goods, from heavy machinery, electronic equipment and hazardous materials, antiques and fragile artwork up to shipment of living animals.

More information on Worldpack website.

We use advanced, specialised machinery to improve the time and costs of wrapping all kinds of packages.
What we offer

Temperature controlled and dry-ice packagings, IATA live animal containers, vacuum sealed packaging, elastic suspension, anti-shock flooring.

An authorised dealer of Plibox and No-Nail boxing systems.

Dangerous goods packaging and documentation compliant with IATA / ADR / IMO / RID / DOT regulations.

Repackaging under customs supervision if necessary.

Service carried out at our warehouse, your location or seaports and airports all over Europe.