Excellence in Supply Chain Technologies that are Built for the Future
Digital Transformation Report 2021

Special edition of the magazine on how the Ziegler Group is adapting to offer new digital solutions to customers and support their business even better through innovative products.


For several decades, Ziegler Group has built custom supply chain tech solutions for ourselves and our partners.

Our Digital Transformation is accelerating as our IT teams are building modern, fast, and tailored solutions that can keep pace with the ever-changing industry demands.

Find out why Ziegler Group should be your choice for custom supply chain IT solutions and innovations.

Future-Proofing Supply Chain Tech Solutions

One-stop visibility of the full supply chain from origin to final destination is still a rarity, even in today’s digital world.

Ziegler Group is currently building just that so that customers know where their cargo is from the moment it leaves the factory where it was made, to when it appears on the shelf – all in real time.

The myZiegler portal will consolidate real time shipping data from many sources, while also providing predictive ETAs and trends.


Our systems are highly tailored to meet specific needs, while being able to connect via an enterprise-grade API for greater integration.

For instance, a company can say that they want to maintain a certain in-store stock level and Ziegler can build the solutions to manage and oversee the supply chain from the manufacturer to the end store.


By using a hybrid of on-premise and highly secure cloud-based solutions, we can maximise data security to meet growing requirements. We design systems to maximise uptime by putting fail-over and backups in place in case of any issues.

A culture that promotes innovation

Our growing dynamic global team of 100+ IT professionals leverage their diverse backgrounds and expertise in a wide range of cutting edge technologies to create truly innovative solutions.

Utilizing a flat hierarchy, our experts can more easily apply their knowledge and expertise to projects. And we bring in additional experts to consult to supplement the in-house team as needed.


For many companies, building and implementing complex systems takes years, and often by the time systems are operational, they are already outdated.

Ziegler Group is taking a different approach for all the solutions we build for ourselves and our partners. By following the principles of Agile Software Development and implementing Scrum practices throughout the company, our teams drive faster implementations for solutions that are designed to adapt more flexibly to the ever changing needs of the client and market.

By switching from monolith legacy systems to a microservice oriented architecture, our latest solutions are able to be implemented faster and are less reliant on specific technologies.


Our UI/UX team uses Design Sprint and Design Thinking approaches when developing new services and products to accelerate the process of moving from ideas to deployment.

Our DevOps team puts an emphasis on rapid building with automation for testing and deployment, keeping projects moving faster and fixing issues earlier. Our team works so that every developer is responsible for part of the overall code. This way the product is understood more broadly by the contributors, and informational silos are reduced.

Customer-led Approach

Ours is an industry that has lagged behind others in the digitization of the customer experience. Ziegler’s IT solutions are changing that – for ourselves and our customers. Freight forwarders who do not embrace digital transformation will soon be left behind.

Customers expect proactive connectivity, real-time response, and personalized supply chain solutions that they can interface with in a seamless and satisfying way.

Instead of just offering solutions that were built for our internal use, we approach our customers’ needs with a ‘tailor-made’ mindset, mapping out the full customer journey from initial awareness through to ordering, shipping and aftersale support.

By focusing on delivering customer-centric solutions, we ensure that the tools will bring the most value to the customer and keep them satisfied with our services.

Partner with Us for a Vision of the Future

Ziegler Group is committed to supporting the reimagining of supply chain technologies for ourselves and our partners. We aren’t waiting around. We’re doing it now.

Partner with us. With more than one hundred years in business and with a growing team of IT professionals, Ziegler Group can build the future of logistics solutions together with you.