Fast Moving Consumer Goods | Ziegler



In a highly competitive environment, the suppliers and retailers of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) must constantly optimise their logistics schemes. The flexibility and reliability of their supply chains make all the difference.

For many years we have been supporting the FMCG industry and putting our know-how and our flexible and innovative solutions to your service, whatever the location of your supply sources. From the factory to the point of sale, we offer you particularly responsive and agile management of your supply chain, thus allowing you to reduce market launch delays. Each link is perfectly controlled and synchronised as a result of this expert coordination.

Our dedicated solutions ensure improvements in processes and performance levels.




  • Impeccable service quality to ensure the linear availability of products at a high rotation rate
  • Global flows and complexes between factories, warehouses, distributors, and consumers
  • End-to-end solutions, from the supplier to the retailer
  • Multi-country distribution
  • Control of logistical, storage and transport costs
  • Pooled and multi-client management. Milk run
  • Management of activity peaks
  • Co-packing and kitting
  • Traceability and visibility: tracking & tracing of orders