Multimodal Transport with a European company

What is Multimodal Logistics?

Multimodal Transport with a European company

Multimodal transport utilises different shipping methods that are coordinated by one operator to who takes sole responsibility for the entire shipment under one contract.

Combining sea, air, road or rail in multiple ways to maximise the efficiency and speed of each shipment, multimodal transport utilises the best shipping modes at different points in your supply chain, cutting down on the number of operators you must deal with directly and increasing your overall supply chain efficiency.

With a multimodal shipment, a single bill of lading is needed as your goods move from one mode of transport to the next through the shipping process. This is different from intermodal transport where a different carrier is responsible for each leg of transport.


Benefits of Multimodal Transport


By integrating different methods of transport for your shipment, you can make the most of the advantages of each method while increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Avoid Traffic Jams with Multimodal Transport

In today’s fast-paced world, traffic congestion has become a major issue in major cities across Europe, causing delays and hindering the delivery of goods. Ziegler understands the importance of delivering your cargo on time and in a sustainable manner. That’s why we’ve expanded our services to include a wide range of multimodal transportation options, from trains and barges to our investments in innovative last-mile delivery via cargo bikes, which can keep goods flowing even during rush hour.
By embracing a diverse range of delivery methods, Ziegler is redefining multimodal solutions, leading the charge in developing efficient, eco-friendly methods that meet the changing demands of the supply chain. Join us as we revolutionize the world of logistics and strive towards a more sustainable future.

Faster Shipping
Because operators offering multimodal shipping services reduce the need to use multiple carriers, they can secure better capacity availabilities while reducing the handling and transfer of your shipment from one operator to another.

Every additional improvement of efficiency speeds up the shipment time for your goods.

Reduce Transport Costs
Operators that offer multimodal shipping services can also secure volume discounts at each point in the transport process and pass those savings onto the end customer.

Less Hassle
By working with one carrier who will handle the whole door-to-door shipment for you, even as your goods move from various modes of transport along the way, you won’t have to be involved with every transaction, delay or cost negotiation.

You can leave it to the specialists who are handling these issues daily for multiple clients.

Supply Chain Flexibility
Mulitmodal transport also increase the resiliency and flexibility of your supply chain by not over-relying on a single operator for particular types of transport.

By liberating your goods to be more flexible in their journey, you’ll be more prepared for unexpected market upheavals, price changes, or other challenges.

It’s Greener!
All these improvements in speed, efficiency also provide ecological benefits. Multimodal transport companies can help you to choose the methods of transport that reduce emissions.

International network

Worldwide Multimodal Transport

International network
Thanks to the increases in technology and regulatory advances, multimodal transport between any two places in the world is now a reality.

By working with a company with the experience and global network required to offer multimodal freight services effectively, even small companies with no expertise in worldwide logistics can take advantage of the benefits of multimodal transport.

Why Ziegler Group for your Multimodal Transport Operator?

You can benefit from Ziegler Group’s worldwide multimodal transport network to get the best solutions and prices no matter where your suppliers are located. Ziegler Group is a family-run company with more than 100 years experience that strives to maintain personal connections and provide true value to our customers.

When you work with a local Ziegler branch, you get a personal experience, and access to the resources and network of the entire worldwide group.

Part of what makes or breaks a successful multimodal service is the technology to back it up. Ziegler Group develops and uses IT tools that are made in-house thanks to the efforts of a large and dynamic IT team of more than 100 experts in their respectives fields. These technology solutions provide our customers with up-to-date information regarding multimodal transport container tracking, reports and other data.

Ziegler Group offers international shipments from our warehouse in Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland. Ideally located on the A1 highway, our multimodal transport hub is large and modern, using the latest shipping technologies to efficiently manage your multimodal logistics from anywhere in the world.

Ziegler Poland has local staff ready to support our customers from our warehouse. While others might be suffering from the labour shortage, our high employee retention helps us maintain a consistent level of service that our customers can depend on.

Another advantages is the easy communication you can come to expect with our team to get results. Our managers are ready to prioritise finding solutions to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Let us focus on streamlining how your goods get to you, allowing you to focus on your customers and core business.