From chocolate up to live animals. There is nothing they cannot pack. | Ziegler
17 November 2020

From chocolate up to live animals. There is nothing they cannot pack.

We talk to Koen Depre, Manager of World Pack Belgium, the Ziegler Group’s department that specializes in the packaging of goods.


What is World Pack? What do you do?
We are a part of the Ziegler Group. We specialize in the packaging of a variety of goods. We offer complex solutions – take measurements, select the proper materials to pack and secure the goods, prepare it, and perform the packing service. The customer doesn’t have to do anything – no matter what it is – we take care of everything from A to Z.


How long has World Pack been a part of the Ziegler Group?
The history of World Pack starts at the beginning of the ’70s. At that time it was a company named Vandoren Piot, which was integrated into the Ziegler Group in 1971.
At that time there were hardly any companies offering such services and Ziegler’s customers often complained about having difficulties packing their shipments. Mr. Ziegler then decided to integrate Vandoren Piot into the Ziegler Group, to create the World Pack brand, so that we could offer even more comprehensive services to our customers.


What kind of goods do you pack?
We have three main specialties. Packaging of dangerous goods – chemicals, batteries, aerosols, etc. These goods are very sensitive to vibrations, temperature, and/or pressure. We have a lot of experience in safely packaging them and all the required certificates. Our second field of expertise is industrial, large-dimensioned goods, like machines or cars. We are also known for our experience in packing art and antiques. We once packed sculptures for the Louvre Museum in Paris, for example. It was an amazing experience.


Do you also have any experience in packaging other products?
Yes, a lot. We often work with the companies exporting goods that require temperature control, such as medicines or food products. We use dry ice to ensure proper temperature.
But we also send live animals between zoos or circuses. And once we even had to pack up a human body, which was being sent to undergo a forensic examination in a distant medical institute. We didn’t know what it was until it arrived for packaging. Everyone froze when we saw it! But we did it.


Maybe we should stick with talking about animals then… (laughs)
(laughs) The information about the content of the parcel also froze us a little.
So, back to the animals… We’ve had to prepare different species for shipments- even lions and tigers!


Wow, how do you “pack” a lion?
These kinds of animals always travel with a caretaker, who is responsible for taking care of them – feeding, watering, etc. Dangerous animals are transported in double cages, which allow them to be fed without opening the bars. We build each transportation solutions custom for a specific animal.


What was your biggest challenge so far?
Actually, it happened quite recently, a few months ago. The customer needed to load onto a ship that was leaving that same day, spare parts for the ship’s various machinery. The total weight was 12 tons. The timing was the biggest challenge in this case because the ship couldn’t leave without these parts, so everything had to be packed and on its way the same day. The team worked very hard and within 5 hours the shipment was ready.
It was worth the effort because it gained us a happy new client, who we still serve today.


Do you remember the biggest item that you’ve packed?
It was an attraction for a Chinese adventure park. It weighed about 200 tons and was over 12 meters long.
I hope one day I will get an opportunity to go see how it looks at the park. It’s very nice to know it’s entertaining people every day.


Do you only operate in Belgium?
No, we also fulfill orders in France, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, and Hungary. And actually, we are able to work anywhere in Europe.
You can find our full list of services on the website. And they can always contact us directly to receive a custom solution.