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Our services include a comprehensive range of logistics and warehousing solutions. 
We offer a synergy of flexibility and attention to detail while being geared towards the electronic & engineering industries, luxury items, apparel, leisure, sports goods, and FMCG products. Our strategic warehouse locations in the Netherlands and our commitment to personal service, compliance, and efficiency sets us apart.

Warehousing and Logistics

Optimize your supply chain with our comprehensive warehousing and logistics services, tailored for industries from electronics to fast-moving consumer goods, and supported by strategic locations across the Netherlands for efficient global distribution.

Flexibility and Customization

Enhance your operational efficiency with our flexible, customized warehousing and logistics solutions, designed to adapt to your business needs and supported by personalized key account services for scalable growth.

Technology and Visibility

Improve your supply chain with our technology and visibility solutions, offering inventory management and order tracking for seamless, informed logistics experiences.

These logistics facilities offer a strategic advantage for businesses seeking to optimise their supply chains. With an extensive range of warehousing solutions, we cater to varying business needs with flexibility and efficiency. Our warehouses, situated in the dynamic logistics hub of Rotterdam and Venlo, provide services for multimodal transportation, facilitating smooth integration with sea, road and rail.


Understanding the complex and ever-changing demands of logistics, we deliver solutions tailored to each client. Our warehouse spaces are not just places to simply store your goods – we aim to handle all your needs in a unified and seamless logistical environment designed to propel your business forward.

Whether you’re considering a strategic expansion, need overflow storage, or require a long-term warehousing partner, we adapt to fit your specific requirements. As a well recognised logistics company in Rotterdam, we pride ourselves on providing premier logistics services that contribute to the success and growth of your operations. Our commitment is to be more than a service provider; we are your logistics partner, dedicated to crafting bespoke solutions that enhance your supply chain’s resilience and performance.

Warehousing Service

Our service offerings are specifically designed to accommodate the distinct requirements 
of industries such as electronics, luxury items, fashion, leisure, sports, and fast-moving consumer goods. We pride ourselves on delivering tailored logistics solutions that integrate advanced technology with personalised care and adaptability. Our capabilities are broad, allowing us to manage a wide array of product types with bespoke logistics offerings, further enhancing operational efficacy.


Strategic Warehouse Locations

Rotterdam: Good positioning for sea freight and South-West Europe.

Venlo: Good geographical positioning for multimodal solutions and deliveries in North-East Europe.

Our locations in Rotterdam and Venlo offer significant advantages that make us capable of optimising supply from the port of Rotterdam and deliveries in Europe. Our sites are well suited for bulk storage, palletised goods, and offer specialised areas for value-added services.Venlo benefits from a strong connection with the port of Rotterdam, made possible by multimodal transport solutions, including rail and inland shipping.

Warehouse Specifications


Bulk storage, palletized goods, and specialised areas for VAL.


We do not provide dangerous goods and temperature-controlled storage.

Our facilities are designed for warehouse optimisation including packing, assembly, labelling, and quality inspections, among others. We focus on creating solutions that go beyond traditional warehousing, adding tangible value to every part of the supply chain.

Customs and Compliance
  • Bonded Storage: Facilitation of customs processes within the EU.

With bonded storage facilities available, we provide a secure environment where goods can be stored, manipulated and processed before customs duties are imposed. This strategic advantage not only streamlines customs processes but also significantly reduces potential delays and costs associated with importing goods into the EU. Leveraging our expertise and facilities, businesses can efficiently manage their inventory and supply chain operations, ensuring compliance with all necessary regulations while optimising their logistics and distribution strategies.


Adaptive Solutions

We adeptly scale our warehousing services in response to your business needs, ensuring efficiency throughout seasonal and project-based fluctuations.

Understanding that no two businesses are the same, we offer customised solutions. From warehouse storage space that flexibly responds to seasonal demands to integration with your existing logistic operations, we customise services to your specific requirements, maintaining flexibility as a core advantage.


Customised Client Services
  • By maintaining key account solutions, we ensure a personalised service that scales with your enterprise.

Our commitment to customised client services is exemplified through our key account solutions, ensuring that each client receives personalised, scalable service tailored to their unique business needs. With the option to assign a dedicated account manager to those clients who prefer it, we cultivate a bond of understanding and trust. This approach allows us to tailor our warehousing and logistics services to suit the changing needs of your business. This approach not only simplifies communication but also ensures that our services are always aligned with your operational requirements, providing a seamless, efficient logistics experience that grows with your enterprise.

 Streamlined  IT Solutions
  • Capabilities: EDI systems and tailored web-stock updates.
  • Flexibility: Stock updates can be customised to your needs, offering up to twice per day for timely inventory management.

At the core of our warehousing and logistics solutions is an unwavering commitment to customer service. We utilise Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and web-stock updates, enabling us to deliver real-time inventory management and bespoke reporting, ensuring peace of mind for our clients through unparalleled visibility and tracking throughout the delivery process.


Real-Time Order Tracking and Communication
  • In partnership with Logis and CargoSwift, we maintain full transparency and update our clients promptly about the dispatch status of their orders.

We work to ensure that real-time updates and communication around order dispatch are clear and efficient in our own IT systems Logis and CargoSwift that we build and maintain.
By leveraging our strategically placed warehouses and streamlined technology, we are committed to providing you with a seamless logistics experience. Our flexibility and customisation options ensure that we can meet the unique demands of your business, while our tech-driven visibility keeps you informed every step of the way.


Logistics is vital to modern business, ensuring effective delivery, supply chain management, and cost efficiency. We provide comprehensive logistics solutions, encompassing everything from order management to returns, fostering seamless operations and a competitive edge.


Comprehensive Distribution Services

We manage a broad network of distribution centres, each equipped to handle a wide range of logistics needs, from storage to order fulfilment. Our distribution services include the key aspects of processing and flow through the supply chain, with particular attention to pallet storage and inventory levels.

Global Logistics Network

Our global logistics network is strategically located to serve both local and international businesses. With our presence in major ports and comprehensive transload services, we are well-equipped to optimise your supply chain with a significant global footprint.

Technology and Innovation

We utilise industry standard technology, including a robust Warehouse Management System (WMS), to ensure control and visibility. Our transportation management system allows for the efficient coordination of consolidation and delivery, while our returns management processes ensure that both reverse logistics and customer satisfaction are prioritised.

By leveraging our unique combination of:

Personalised service

Flexible solutions

Global network

we guarantee logistics services that not only meet the demands of your supply chain but also enhance your competitive advantage.


Why Choose Us

Choosing us as your warehousing partner in the Netherlands means benefitting from a team that understands and adapts to your specific business requirements. We offer a unique blend of personal attention, flexibility, and wide-ranging logistics capabilities.


Single Point of Contact


Personalised Attention

We provide personalised contacts options for our clients, streamlining communication for efficiency and ease. Your account manager becomes attuned to the unique aspects of your business, ensuring quick and effective resolutions to any issues that arise.

Efficient and Trustworthy

With a dedicated representative, our services are not just efficient but also foster a strong sense of trust. Our clients can rest assured, knowing that their logistics are comprehensively managed by someone who understands their needs.


Competitive Advantages


Multimodal Logistics

Our competitive edge lies in our multimodal logistics capabilities. We manage complex supply chains with proficiency across road, sea, and air, supported by strategic warehousing solutions.

Flexible Client Partnerships

We stand out for our flexible approach to client partnerships. We work seamlessly with your existing partners, like customs brokers, to provide a cohesive logistic experience, ensuring you don’t have to compromise established relationships.


Custom Solutions and Local Approach


Tailored Solutions

Every solution we provide is customised to meet our client’s individual requirements. Whether managing special storage needs or fluctuating inventory levels, we design our services to match each client’s unique requirements.

Local Expertise, Global Reach

Our services combine in-depth local knowledge with the extensive capabilities of our global network. This ensures a personalised local approach, supported by international resources, delivering a service that is both locally & globally efficient.