Navigating Logistics Excellence in the Netherlands
24 August 2023

Navigating Logistics Excellence in the Netherlands

In the heart of one of the most influential logistic hubs in The Netherlands lies Venlo, a city strategically positioned on the Dutch-German border. Boasting a prime location merely 150 kilometres away from the bustling ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, and in close proximity to the industrial powerhouse of the German Ruhr Area, Venlo is a logistical gem. At the epicentre of this dynamic setting, Ziegler Nederlands stands tall, offering state-of-the-art warehousing facilities that epitomise modern logistics.

Strategic Location for Unrivalled Connectivity

Nestled at the crossroads of the A73 and A67 motorways, Ziegler Nederlands warehouses enjoy unparalleled connectivity. These major motorways not only provide seamless access to key European cities but also facilitate the swift movement of goods within the continent. Further enhancing its logistical process, the facilities are well-linked to train and barge terminals, harnessing multiple modes of transportation for efficient cargo handling.


Warehousing Excellence

Ziegler Nederlands warehouses are far from ordinary; they are equipped with cutting-edge technology and designed to accommodate a diverse range of cargo. Whether your valuable merchandise requires storage within the European Union or under customs bond, these facilities provide a secure and adaptable environment. 


A Legacy of Excellence: Ziegler Group

As a proud member of the Ziegler Group, a 100% family-owned entity with a heritage dating back to 1908, Ziegler Nederlands exemplifies decades of logistics expertise. From air and ocean freight solutions that span the world to an expansive Pan-European road freight and parcel network, Ziegler Group is synonymous with seamless global connectivity.


Beyond Logistics: Comprehensive Services

Ziegler Nederlands offers more than just logistical solutions; it provides a holistic partnership to help your business flourish. The array of services includes unique customs solutions encompassing consultancy, clearance, and fiscal representation. This ensures that the complexities of customs regulations are navigated with precision, facilitating the smooth movement of your goods. In addition, the Picking & Packing and Value Added Services elevate your logistics experience, adding value to every step of the supply chain.


Empowering Your Growth

Ziegler isn’t merely a logistics provider; it’s your growth partner. With a commitment to excellence that spans generations and a suite of services designed to meet every logistical challenge, Ziegler empowers businesses to reach new heights. By embracing innovation, embracing technology, and leveraging a strategic location, Ziegler stands ready to amplify your success.


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