Ziegler’s fleet investments making it Now Even Greener
26 April 2022

Ziegler’s fleet investments making it Now Even Greener

Road freight has always been the centrepiece of the range of transport solutions we offer to our customers. We are proud of our fleet of commercial vehicles, a crucial element for door-to-door delivery and essential for intermediate deliveries and the last mile. 

Every day, hundreds of Ziegler-branded trucks and vans get on the road to make deliveries. For that reason, investing in our fleet is crucial to reducing our carbon footprint and improving driver’s safety.

Over the past few years, alternative power sources have exponentially increased in quantity, quality and capabilities. 

Electric vehicles have seen viable growth with increased range and better battery performance. And from the renewable fuels side, the ability to produce biofuels from recycled material and more manufacturers innovating and producing alternative fuel vehicles are just a couple examples of the positive developments that we can see for ecological alternatives to traditional fuels.

So the time is right for Ziegler to  begin incorporating vehicles powered by alternative fuels into our fleet.



Our Cargobike XXL showed us the capabilities of electrically-powered vehicles. One Cargobike can  deliver 500 KG of cargo into restricted city centres without emitting any harmful particles or CO2, which is a significant development for the transport sector. 

Taking that concept to the next step, Ziegler is currently testing multiple electric vans and is installing outdoor charging infrastructure at all of our branches. The ideal use case scenario we have determined for these electric vehicles is mainly middle and last mile deliveries as well as deliveries in city centres.

We are also evaluating and experimenting with hydrogen and biofuels for our long-haul vehicles. An example of this is Ziegler France where we have been testing and currently using biofuels in our trucks.

And in our facilities, all of our warehouse equipment is also electrically powered which lowers our carbon footprint but also creates a more pleasant working environment for our warehouse employees.

Even with these changes, we are constantly keeping our eyes peeled for other new alternative fuels for existing or new vehicles!

Ziegler. Now even Greener.