Our experts take care of all your customs formalities from A to Z. They are always ready to help you. 

Our customs declaration team can be deployed in different countries. Our teams work in a network of specialized customs teams across the world to provide you a one-to-one solution

Our customs experts constantly monitor developments within customs and regulatory legislation and report changes to you.

Customs by Ziegler offers other services such as:

Customs by Ziegler offers other services such as: temporary storage, monitoring of customs bonded warehouses, tax optimization services and consultation with the Belgian Customs Administration (SPF D&A/FOD Financien D&A)

Ziegler Customs makes the difference through the use of strong IT applications that ensure that you, as a customer, can consult documents in real time.Extractions from our ERP systems are also possible in order to integrate the data from the customs authorities with your data.

We also offer Free Trade Agreement (FTA) consulting services to help you reduce the duty burden on your various markets. These include the analysis of the applicable FTA’s to your supply chain, the product analysis in regards to the applicable rules of origin, the support for setting-up the correct proof of origin.

Providing advice on Free Trade Agreements (FTA)
A FTA is an agreement between two or more countries in which the countries agree on certain obligations that affect trade in goods and services, and investor protection and intellectual property rights, among others. For the European Union, the main purpose of trade agreements is to reduce barriers to exports, to protect interests abroad and to strengthen the rule of law in the partner country or countries of the FTA.
In short: we are a reliable consultant who works 360° and thinks along with you and your company.