Ziegler UK: January 2024 Roundup
25 January 2024

Ziegler UK: January 2024 Roundup

Ziegler UK announce 3 Year partnership with Premier League’s Crystal Palace FC

Exciting times unfold as Ziegler joins forces with Premier League’s Crystal Palace FC, marking a significant stride in global brand expansion. This collaboration underscores our commitment to leadership in the logistics industry. The 3-year partnership brings forth a myriad of promotional and corporate hospitality opportunities, further solidifying Ziegler’s presence on the international stage.

A glimpse at our new super-hub facility due to open in February, 2024

A pivotal move awaits as we transition to our 500,000 square foot super-hub, having outgrown our current facility. This expansion signals growth and prosperity, offering abundant opportunities for our valued clients and dedicated workforce. Ziegler is excited to embark on this journey, providing enhanced capabilities and reinforcing our commitment to delivering excellence in logistics.

Ziegler Northampton await imminent WDA license following 2023 application

As we eagerly await the imminent the approval of a WDA License at our specialised Northampton branch, Ziegler is poised to redefine pharmaceutical logistics. This strategic move will position us as the exclusive WDA license holder with a comprehensive UK network, marking a milestone in our commitment to elevating the standard of controlled temperature storage for pharmaceutical products nationwide.

UK staff in influx of personal development

A wave of personal development has swept through Ziegler, with team members achieving promotions, earning qualifications, and landing on awards shortlists. It’s a testament to our team’s dedication and commitment to enhancing their skills. Ziegler is proud to foster a culture of growth and excellence, ensuring our team thrives in every professional endeavor. If you’re interested to know more about career opportunities at Ziegler, get in touch at https://www.zieglergroup.com/career/

Essex Chambers of Commerce membership announced

We’re thrilled to join Essex Chambers of Commerce, forging connections with the vibrant community around our London Gateway head office.

Beehive adoption boosts sustainability efforts

We’re proud to announce our partnership with SW Honey Farms, adopting a beehive as part of our commitment to sustainability. Join us in nurturing a greener future!

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