Ziegler UK Achieves New Heights as London Gateway Super-Hub Goes Fully Operational
12 February 2024

Ziegler UK Achieves New Heights as London Gateway Super-Hub Goes Fully Operational

Ziegler UK are delighted to announce the successful transition into its new super-hub at DP World’s London Gateway Logistics Park. With a sprawling 365,000 square feet of cutting-edge warehouse space, plus state-of-the-art office space and a strategic location, the move marks a significant milestone in Ziegler’s journey to reshape the landscape of multimodal freight logistics, offering a holistic and technologically advanced environment for optimal operations.

Building on strong relations with the Port and DP World, Ziegler’s proximity to key transportation hubs enhances ability to coordinate road, air, and ocean freight movements with unprecedented efficiency, further solidifying our status as a dominant force in the industry. The expansion ensures swift and efficient transportation of goods throughout the country, overcoming any logistical challenges faced at the previous London Gateway premises.

Ziegler utilised the legal expertise of Tees Law. Headed up by Kay Piper, the acquisition of their services ensured a smooth transaction and they come highly recommended.

An advanced inventory management system provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, empowering clients to optimise their operations, eliminate disruptions, and ensure a seamless flow of goods. With 55,000 pallet racking spaces, an optimised loading dock, and 37 docking bays, the landmark move heralds a new era for the company and raises the bar for efficiency in freight and logistics.

At the heart of Ziegler’s operations is a dedicated team of experienced professionals committed to delivering exceptional customer service. Focused on customer satisfaction and peace of mind, Ziegler ensures clients receive unwavering support throughout their shipments’ journey, whether by road, air, or ocean.

This expansion also ignites a recruitment drive that promises to enrich the local community. As Ziegler expands its footprint in freight transportation and logistics, a variety of job opportunities across different areas of the business will be created, empowering the local workforce and bolstering the community’s economic landscape. Whether it’s providing training for warehouse operations or fostering professional growth in administrative roles, Ziegler aims to create a workplace where employees can thrive and build fulfilling careers.

For businesses seeking to optimise their supply chain, reduce costs, or enhance sustainability, Ziegler offers tailored, innovative solutions. 

Contact us today to discover how our advanced facility and services can elevate your freight transport and logistics to new heights: sales.enquiries@zieglergroup.com