Ziegler Netherlands Passes Customs Audits with High Scores
4 March 2022

Ziegler Netherlands Passes Customs Audits with High Scores

We’re pleased to announce that Ziegler Nederland BV passed our yearly audit with flying colours!

Conducted by SFA Customs Consultancy on the 3rd of February 2022, the auditors were focused on monitoring and framework of our AEO certificate and all customs licenses that are involved in that process. There were 472 customs entries from 2021 randomly selected by the auditors for inspection on 16 critical points. The selection included import and export entries, as well as T2L and fiscal declarations. The resulting audit report shows that our team has scored an absolute zero on deviations or mistakes in the entries. 

In addition, on the 16th of February, the Dutch Customs authorities conducted their annual inspection of our bonded warehouse license at the Rotterdam office. The customs officers concluded that our PLDA bonded warehouse management system has 98,4% accuracy with the records of the Dutch Customs on all inbound and outbound entries. The physical presence of inspected entries in the warehouse corresponded to the correct quantities and the goods were found in the locations that our systems indicated they would. This is considered to be among the highest inspection scores for all entrepot licenses issued and inspected in Rotterdam this year! 

We congratulate our Customs Team and our colleagues from the freight departments for this achievement and their contribution to the continued high quality of our services.