Ziegler: logistics and urban micrologistics
19 April 2022

Ziegler: logistics and urban micrologistics

Since our very beginnings, ZIEGLER has been a leading specialist in national and international groupage solutions, not only in land transport, but also by sea and air.

Groupage is simply the combining of goods of several customers in a truck or a container  in order to prevent it from traveling  partially empty.

ZIEGLER is applying the best practices from our success in logistics to the new challenge of last-mile urban micrologistics in order to create the most eco-conscious urban routes.

Our distribution hub in Brussels is strategically located at the entrance to the city where large trucks drop off the goods of different customers. From there, shipments destined for the centre of Brussels are sorted, grouped, and consolidated to maximise available space in the next delivery vehicle.

From there, electric trucks move the goods to our local micro-hub – located in the center of Brussels – to be then picked up by our Cargo Bikes which deliver them to pedestrian areas or areas less accessible to vehicles.

Eventually, the same process will be used for reverse logistics – returning products and materials intended for reuse or recycling. These products will take the same route, just in reverse: the Cargo Bike will pick up empty packaging and other returns, bring them back to the micro-hub, and from there electric trucks will deliver them to the main platform where they will be sorted and reshipped. This method avoids the need for storage of used products and also helps to reduce overall environmental impact.