Ziegler Joins “Gateway2Britain” Project to Facilitate Frictionless Trade With the UK
13 June 2023

Ziegler Joins “Gateway2Britain” Project to Facilitate Frictionless Trade With the UK

We are excited to announce Ziegler Ghent’s participation in the groundbreaking “Gateway2Britain” project, which aims to streamline and facilitate trade between Flanders, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. This initiative, recently announced by the Flanders government, aims to ensure frictionless trade in a post-Brexit era and strengthen economic ties between the two regions.

The “Gateway2Britain” project comes as a response to the challenges faced by businesses in the aftermath of the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union. With new trade regulations, customs procedures, and border controls, companies have been seeking innovative solutions to maintain smooth and efficient trade relationships with their UK counterparts.

Recognizing the importance of the UK market and the need for seamless logistics operations, Ziegler Ghent has enthusiastically joined this project. Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise in logistics and freight forwarding, Ziegler Ghent aims to play a key role in facilitating the movement of goods between Flanders and the UK.

By actively participating in the “Gateway2Britain” project, Ziegler Ghent will collaborate with other Ziegler branches and stakeholders, including governmental bodies, port authorities, and industry partners, to develop efficient supply chain solutions. This collaborative effort will focus on streamlining customs procedures, optimising transportation routes, and implementing innovative technologies to expedite trade processes.

Ziegler’s involvement in this project reinforces our commitment to providing our clients with reliable and cost-effective logistics solutions. 

Through our participation in the “Gateway2Britain” project, we aim to support businesses in Flanders and the UK by offering tailored logistics services that address the specific challenges of cross-border trade.