Ziegler hosts students from ROC ‘T Gilde in Venlo
14 July 2022

Ziegler hosts students from ROC ‘T Gilde in Venlo

June was full of many exciting events and meetings at Ziegler! One of these events was a visit made to our Venlo branch office by more than twenty ROC students from ROC ‘T Gilde in Venlo. The ROC arranges for such field trips to real businesses several times a year.

Students majoring in transportation and logistics management were able to take a closeup look at how Ziegler performs logistics on a daily basis, giving them a chance to see the practical applications of what they’re learning in class. And it also was an opportunity for them to bring their knowledge and fresh perspective to Ziegler!

Together with the students we organized a management game and afterwards they were given the task of making various flow-charts on operations, logistics and Cargo Swift that directly corresponded to our local business. They had a chance to analyze processes and look for areas of improvement. At the end the of exercise, the students presented their conclusions to each other.

Besides all the fun we had together, it was a great opportunity to learn and look at things with a fresh perspective for both the students and for the Ziegler team.

Prior to 2020, we were doing this at the university 3-4 times per year. And now that they have resumed in March 2022, we thought it would be a good idea to do the training event on location. It was wonderful to host them and to be able to interact with the next generation of logistics specialists in person again!