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Are you looking for a reliable partner for exporting your goods to Morocco or to use Morocco as a transit point to distribute your products further?

Look no further than Ziegler Group Morocco.

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In operation in Morocco since 1986, our international team offers you smooth and secure transport solutions to and from Morocco.

We are your solution for any shipment by road with a bi-weekly service for LTL and daily service for FTL. We also offer sea and air freight solutions in order to always fit to your logistic needs.

As part of the Ziegler Group, we provide a range of high-quality services including warehousing, cross docking and local distribution.

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Our mission is to provide a personalised and sustainable transportation and logistics experience to all our customers. As a family-owned business since 1908, we have been providing transporting and logistics services to 195 countries and we employ more than 3,200 transportation specialists worldwide. We are proud to offer a wide range of features and benefits to make sure that you have a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Who can benefit from trusting their freight transport and logistics to Ziegler Group Morocco?

Our main partners are business owners who are looking for a reliable and safe transportation and logistics partner backed up by a strong existing network in Europe, with their own fleet of trucks and warehouses, a customer care team, and flexible solutions to meet unique needs.

We understand that your main pain points may include a lack of flexibility in large transporting companies, uncertainty about the documents needed for export, and confusion about how to prepare goods for export. That’s why we are here to help your company to shape its logistics organisation to and from Morocco.

Morocco's Import Market

Morocco has a growing and developing economy with a great entry point for importing goods to Africa, India, South and North America. We have experience in working with companies that import to Morocco a wide range of goods, including pharmaceuticals, IT equipment, human and animal food, industrial goods, FMCG, dangerous goods (such as car batteries), automotive parts, and dry cargo.

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Benefits of working with Ziegler Group Morocco

Our Morocco branch offers a range of services to meet your transporting and logistics needs, including:

  • Our own bonded warehouse (MEAD) in Morocco (presence in Casablanca and Tangier) with AEO status allowing smooth customs clearance of LCL and FCL under permanent control inside our premisses.
  • Own fleet of trucks to take care of your LCL cargo and FCL cargo.
  • Strong logistics and transportation network in Europe.
  • Professional in-house Customer Care team that can help with checking the freight status and location, checking if the pickup is done, if the documents are prepared correctly, explaining different steps of shipment, consulting on incoterms and customs documentation.
  • Our warehouse in Casablanca is ISO 28000 and AEO SS certified, is suitable for storing dangerous goods, pharmaceuticals, industrial goods, FMCG, general cargo, dry food, and is ONSSA certified (condition for importation of food stuff).
  • Delivery to TAC (Tangier Automotive City), TFZ (Tangier Free Zone), KFZ (Kentira Free Zone), and any other place in the country.
  • We pride ourselves on our sustainable solutions and personal approach. We are a family-owned business with a strong network of owned facilities in Europe, providing a unique experience for each of our customers.
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As part of the Ziegler Group, we have been a family-owned business since 1908, employing over 3200 transportation specialists, and supporting shipping and logistics services to 195 countries. With 154 operational offices in 16 countries, we are a trusted partner that can help you achieve your business goals.