Ziegler Group Holds International Customs Day Event
23 June 2022

Ziegler Group Holds International Customs Day Event

On the 29th of April 2022, Ziegler Group held our International Customs day event.  

Customs representatives from Belgium, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland attended and shared their expertise and ideas with each other.


Many topics related to customs were discussed such as how the flow of documents should be handled in an ideal world, what customs will look like in the future and how to best optimise and integrate international customers in the different countries served by the Group. 

There was also much discussion about Customs 4 Trade, the benefits of international customs communication, the importance of 100% compliance, as well as client and broker cooperation.

We also covered topics related to our own developments in this area, continuous learning and customs customer service. 


The topics were useful for the participants and they responded positively to the importance of the event. Tips and tricks were exchanged, contacts were made and curiosity was piqued for even more information and discussions in the future.


A task force has been set up to deal with various topics that arose during the discussions to make sure they are addressed satisfactorily. 

A second International Customs Day event is planned for October. And following that, the event will resume annually.