Ziegler Group digital transformation
16 December 2020

Ziegler Group digital transformation

Special edition of the magazine on how the Ziegler Group is adapting to offer new digital solutions to customers and support their business even better through innovative products.


The Covid-19 pandemic has hit many industries and companies hard and painfully. It has brought anxiety to our professional and personal spheres. However, like any crisis, it also offers important lessons for us to learn and opportunities to take advantage. For the Ziegler Group, it was an excellent opportunity to accelerate our digital transformation and adjust our roadmap to support our customers and partners better in this changing environment.

For most other freight forwarders, increasing efficiency and productivity is the main goal of their digital transition. However, our primary focus in this process is customer-centric. We strongly believe that the development of our digital capabilities must contribute to making our customers successful.

We are happy to release this special edition of the Ziegler Group magazine, fully dedicated to the theme of the ongoing digital transformation that is occurring within our organization. We still have significant changes ahead of us. As we modernize our operating practices, we are looking to also raise the bar for the rest of our industry.