UK Road Groupage Service Schedules
5 June 2023

UK Road Groupage Service Schedules

As part of promoting our full range of road freight services available, we’ve recently released an updated version of our Road Groupage Services Schedule.

This table clearly displays the countries and depots in each country together with the frequency of departures and transit times throughout the week and is testament to our growing efforts to provide each and every one of our customers with efficient transportation services. The transparency of this guide will enable you to plan ahead, ensuring your consignment reaches its destination on time and on budget.

To download a copy of one of our Road Groupage Services Schedules, click on one of the following links:

Ziegler London Gateway
Ziegler Tamworth
Ziegler Portsmouth
Ziegler Peterborough
Ziegler Northampton
Ziegler Newport
Ziegler Manchester
Ziegler Durham
Ziegler Bradford

Please note: departure days and transit times are based on our standard groupage services and subject to customs clearance. Departures may be cancelled or postponed due to reasons beyond our control. Part Load and Full Load services are also available with further information on request. Please contact us for a quotation which will be tailored to suit your service requirements and fulfil any specific delivery deadlines. Contact details can be found at the top of each of the Service Schedules.