The Rise of Women in Transport and Logistics at Ziegler Group
8 March 2023

The Rise of Women in Transport and Logistics at Ziegler Group

The transport and logistics sector is no longer confined to being a man’s industry and Ziegler Group is one of the companies leading this change with our talent and competence-based approach to employment that is providing more jobs for women than is the norm for our industry.

International Women’s Day is an important occasion to recognize and celebrate the contributions of women across all industries, and especially in industries that traditionally provided few opportunities for women. 

The Ziegler Group is proud to be an employer that recognizes talent, potential, and competence in its team above all. We stand out in our industry with a growing number of women employed and holding management positions. This is not the result of some deliberate gender-based hiring strategy, but rather the natural outcome of our competence-based approach of hiring whoever is the best match for the job!


And the truth is best told in numbers…




According to publicly available data, women comprise only 19% of employees in the transport and logistics industry. However, at the Ziegler Group, women make up 35.2% of employees. In many countries where we operate, such as Hong Kong, China, Greece, and Tunisia, women comprise most of staff and management. For instance, in Ziegler China, 71% of employees are women, while in Ziegler Greece, 65% of employees are women.


In just the past two years, the number of women working at the Ziegler Group has increased by 9.4%. Most of these women work in administrative, operational, and sales positions, and many hold management positions. At the Ziegler Group, 15.5% of management positions are held by women (including our CEO!) This is in stark contrast to the Fortune 500 list, where 95% of management positions in the supply chain are held by men. 


This commitment of promoting employees, regardless of gender, into leadership roles has allowed us to achieve a competitive edge in the industry.


At the Ziegler Group, we recognize the importance of creating a workplace culture that is inclusive, supportive, and empowering for everyone. We believe that the best way to achieve this is by recognizing and promoting talent, regardless of gender. And we will continue to do so! 


Happy International Women’s Day!


Statistics provided by The Ziegler Group, Generix Group and Fronetics.