Over 44 meters and 74 tons! From Poland to Africa (via Belgium)!
16 March 2023

Over 44 meters and 74 tons! From Poland to Africa (via Belgium)!

Here’s another big (quite literally!) challenge that Ziegler successfully overcame thanks to our experience, expertise, and cooperation within the international Ziegler network.

Ziegler Kontich managed the unusual transport of two storage tanks which measured 22.5 x 3.6 x 3.6 meters and weighed 37 tons apiece! For logistical reasons, the road transport between Poland and Belgium took place mainly at night. After 3 nights the storage tanks were transferred to Antwerp on a two 80′ MAFI loading platform on wheels and then were loaded onto a RORO ship and shipped to the port of Casablanca in Morocco, and from there was handled by Ziegler Morocco.

Ziegler used our internal network to realise this project. This allowed us to guarantee dedicated customer service. We guided our customer through the entire transport process. And safety was a number one priority. The customer was kept informed regularly by Ziegler about the status of their shipment. The whole operation was completed successfully and flawlessly to the satisfaction of all parties,” said Wim Peeters, Branch Manager Ziegler Kontich.