Meet Ziegler Morocco –  Growing Efficient Trade between Europe and Morocco
17 September 2021

Meet Ziegler Morocco – Growing Efficient Trade between Europe and Morocco

Currently rebounding from the impacts of 2020, Morocco is one of the world’s fastest developing markets. Over the past decade, Morocco improved by more than 50 places over its original position in the World Bank’s Doing Business ranking.

In 2012, the Ziegler Group believed in the potential of this market, mainly due to its proximity to Europe, and decided to make concentrated efforts to further develop its services in Morocco by investing in a new building in Casa Blanca and by creating more connections and solutions for customers regarding trade between Europe and Morocco. 

Over the past years, Ziegler Morocco made great progress in facilitating additional trade with Europe. Cooperation between strategic hubs in Bordeaux, Paris, Rekkem and Lyon allows us to provide expertise and services between these locations.

With more than 30 employees, a combination of own trucks and subcontractors, Ziegler Morocco’s facility offers a warehouse and storage area of 5,000 m2. We also have a secondary logistics warehouse of 4,000 m2.

Our most transported goods are imported goods such as food and pet foods but also pharmaceutical products or automotive parts. Currently, we are very active on the Ghent-Morocco line and have the capacity to manage transports of goods every Thursday along this lengthy route.

There is no set amount of departures per day, everything is scheduled according to groupage, but there are several arrivals and departures per week. Track and Trace visibility will be available soon.

Our employees’ ability to speak both French and English is one of our major capabilities and gives us a key advantage regarding trade between both continents. We are certified in security management systems for our supply chain (ISO 9001 and 28000). In addition, we are currently working through the process of becoming an Authorized Economic Operator for the customs administration as well as the General Directorate of Customs.

Due to high costs and complex procedures, most companies shrink away from training their drivers and many carriers do not comply with the requirements for DGR goods. However, being organised and respecting rules as well as procedures creates added value and Ziegler Morocco is proud to be one of the few carriers that adhere to these high standards.

Although the effects of COVID-19 hit hard on the larger economy, Ziegler Morocco was not overtly affected due to their recent digitization initiatives and their high usage of Ziegler Group’s tools. 

When considering a carrier, you should know that Ziegler Morocco was established in 1986 and was the first international carrier available in Morocco. We are a very family-friendly local establishment and share the same philosophy and company policy as every other Ziegler institute. We provide tailor-made solutions that not many other organizations can provide. Ziegler Morocco has a lot of flexibility and the experience needed to always look after our clients and to find solutions even when it does not seem possible.


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