Learning how to transport Dangerous Goods – Not a Dry Topic with our Specialists!
24 November 2022

Learning how to transport Dangerous Goods – Not a Dry Topic with our Specialists!

Dangerous goods include any substances that have the potential to harm humans, animals or the environment in some way. 

Because some of these materials pose such a threat to safety, transporting these items must be done in a highly controlled way, regulated by the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) and the IATA DGR (Dangerous Goods Regulations of IATA) (among others).

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Fun fact:

In order to take into account the latest development of new substances, the regulations are adapted every 2 years.

So you have to stay alert and remain up to date!


And now imagine you are faced with the task of actually getting your dangerous goods transported from A to B. Have you already noticed the piles of documents and many procedures you have to perform in order to comply with the relevant specifications to even make shipping dangerous goods possible?


Don’t worry – even for this monumental transport task, you can fully rely on Ziegler and its well-trained specialists.

As an internationally operating freight forwarder, Ziegler acts as a consignor in the sense of the ADR, since the shipment of dangerous goods is organized by Ziegler employees on behalf of third parties. If the goods are handled at the company’s own logistics centers in the course of the transport, the employees act as unloaders or shippers.


To maintain the highest standards possible, our employees are trained and further educated at regular intervals in about the latest dangerous goods regulations and best practices.


Believe it or not,  this kind of training can even be fun, as is proven by comments from attendees of corresponding seminars at Ziegler Germany and Switzerland in August and September this year under the proven leadership of our external dangerous goods officer Marcus Steinhauer.


Dirk Junkers had this to say about his annual training:

“It was a great group, I enjoyed it. I would definitely like to be back in this constellation for the next training.”


Renate Friske also had a great time and learned a lot:

“I must say that I really enjoyed the training and that Mr. Steinhauer made the training very interesting (with many examples) and also addressed the topics that were of particular interest to us.”


So, if you are facing the daunting task of transporting dangerous goods, you can rely on Ziegler and our enthusiastic, well-trained specialists.