Looking to improve your international transport from Poland? Partner with a family-run company with 100+ years of experience and an extensive global network to expand your business.

Ziegler Group offers the full range of services expected from modern shipping companies while maintaining hold of our family-run philosophy where our customers have names, not numbers.

International Transport From Poland

Located between the west and east, and with the recent development of extensive infrastructure, Poland is playing an increasingly important role in the modern transport industry.

International transport from Poland is becoming more popular because of competitive prices, high-quality services, and efficiency due to the country’s central location.
Ziegler offers quick and effective international transport from Poland by road, rail, sea and air and flexible multimodal transport of cargo of any shape and size to anywhere in the world.

Our shipping specialists will find the most cost-effective combination of transport methods domestically and internationally until your goods arrive at their final destination.

Ziegler’s international multimodal transport provides flexibility that other international transport solutions lack. We are able to take on cargo of any size and shape, which makes it perfect for various types of goods originating from Poland, including those that are oversized or oddly shaped. So when you need custom international transport solutions, please contact us.


Oversized Transport in Poland

Ziegler Group is able to provide a wide range of transport services in Poland for oversized loads, agricultural machinery exports, and custom solutions – domestically or internationally.

We have extensive experience in handling oversized loads and hazardous goods, ensuring that their clients are complying with the legal requirements concerning such cargo.

Heavy Transport in Poland

When you need heavy transport solutions, Ziegler Group specialises in heavy transport
and oversized load management. We offer a wide range of services for agricultural, construction, civil engineering, mining and other industrial clients that require transport 
of farm machinery, plant machinery.

Why Ziegler Group?

When you work with Ziegler Group, you are working with a family-run company that strives to maintain personal connections and provide true value to our customers.

An essential part of our support is the technology that we use to manage communication, shipping and logistic processes. These IT tools are made for our customers to have access to up-to-date information regarding their shipments, reports and other data.

Ziegler Group is a family-run business that has branches throughout Europe and a massive worldwide network. When you work with a local Ziegler branch, you get a personal experience, and access to the resources and network of the entire worldwide group.

Ziegler Group offers international shipments from our warehouse in Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland. Ideally located on the A2 highway, our warehouse facilities are large and modern, using the latest shipping technologies to efficiently consolidate your freight for further movement into Europe.

Ziegler Poland has local staff ready to support our customers from our warehouse. While others might be suffering from the labour shortage, our high employee retention helps us maintain a consistent level of service that our customers can depend on.

You can also benefit from our own technology revolution that is underway in Ziegler. Our extensive in-house IT team is constantly upgrading and inventing new tools to maximise the use of technology to increase efficiency, visibility and cost savings for our customers. Our goal is to work with you instead of restrict you to our tech stack, so we can connect to your systems via our API for more flexibility.

Another advantages is the easy communication you can come to expect with our team to get results. Our managers are ready to prioritise finding solutions to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.