Helping Neighbours During Belgium’s Devastating Flooding
24 August 2021

Helping Neighbours During Belgium’s Devastating Flooding

During the horrific floods that struck Wallonia in Belgium, the efforts by the Red Cross to get aid and basic necessities to the residents were supported by Ziegler Welkenraedt, located only a few kilometers away from the affected area.

When disaster struck, the branch manager of Ziegler Welkenraedt – Mr. Jean Luc Cobus – volunteered their storage areas for the relief efforts. The proximity of Ziegler Welkenraedt to the town of Liège made it ideal for the Red Cross to stage and deliver supplies quickly.
The Red Cross was able to use the facilities over the course of over a month and still going on, and Ziegler Welkenraedt found yet another way to help. Some Ziegler clients had stock in the warehouse with many products that could be very helpful for the relief efforts. There were pallets of soap, laundry detergents, and other products being stored on behalf of their clients.
So the staff of Ziegler Welkenraedt called clients to explain the situation and ask for help by donating some of their stock that could be used to help the citizens of the affected areas.

Thanks to generous clients who immediately agreed to donate products, the Red Cross volunteers together with the staff at Ziegler Welkenraedt ensured that those affected by this tragedy were able to get essential items they needed.

Ziegler Company helped us out by volunteering a storage area at our disposal. Thank you also to the Ziegler team, who despite their daily work, was very helpful. This is a great gesture of humanity on your part.” Linda Hermanns – Food Bank of the European Red Cross.