Get a quote for your transportation needs within an hour!
14 June 2022

Get a quote for your transportation needs within an hour!

A family – owned company, established in 1908 in Brussels offers a wide range of freight services.

1. International transport of oversized cargo by road, air and ocean

Our specialists in international shipping can help with organizing transport from the manufacturer to the end customer. Our team has experience in sending difficult cargo, for instance agricultural machines from Poland to America and Africa. We can arrange LTL or FTL shipping – no cargo is too big, no destination is too far.

2. Cargo consolidation and distribution

Our warehouse in Piotrków Trybunlaski allows for shipment consolidation and distribution. We can accept cargo from multiple locations to consolidate it and ship from our warehouse within 24 hours.

3. Air freight cargo

By utilizing our network of partners, we can help you to send your cargo by air at competitive rates quickly. Air freight is a great solution if you need to send a small to medium size package quickly.

Why choose Ziegler Group Poland?
Thanks to our own fleet of EURO 5 trucks, warehouse in Poland, and a wide network of partners in Europe, Ziegler Group Poland can provide a global shipping solution by road, air, rail, rivers, and ocean. Ziegler Group strives to provide a personalized service with dedicated specialists to accommodate customer needs at the shortest notice.


  • 3200 experts
  • 154 operational offices
  • 195 supported countries
  • 1,3 m euros net sales
  • Offices in 15 countries


Our international freight experts in Poland are available to provide any further help and high-quality service. To get a quote for your transportation needs within an hour, please fill out this form: