Flexibility and reliability – the basis for successful logistics in the personal protective equipment industry.
6 July 2021

Flexibility and reliability – the basis for successful logistics in the personal protective equipment industry.


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Robod S.A. is a part of the international Rubix group and has been operating on the Polish market for over 20 years.  It delivers the highest quality personal protective equipment for companies and their employees.


Last year, when Rubix was looking for new partners to organise their logistics in Poland, Ziegler answered their needs best, and a fruitful cooperation started.
Ziegler organizes the entire logistics process for Robod in a warehouse in Piotrków Trybunalski with an area of about 1500 m2. From receiving the goods, verification, unloading and storage, through the entire logistics process of collecting shipping orders, preparing these orders and documentation, and shipping the orders for the final customers.

“On behalf of our client, we ship approximately 100-150 packages per day throughout Poland and Europe, starting from envelopes to entire pallets,” explains Pierre Henry, Managing Director of Ziegler Poland.


The cooperation between the Ziegler Group and the Rubix Group took on particular importance during the 2020 pandemic when it became critical to equip employees with special personal protective equipment. Time was a major challenge, but Ziegler Group collaborated with Robod to get the right supplies to Europe quickly and to distribute them properly. The situation required cooperation, flexibility, and mutual trust, which are still extremely important to us today.


“We sell personal protective equipment that ensures the daily safety of employees. It is a special challenge for us. It is a big responsibility,” says Adam Opalach, Head of Purchasing at Robod S.A. “That’s why excellence at every stage of the process is so important to us.”

Ziegler realizes that it is dealing with a specific industry, operating on behalf of a client whose goal is not to sell as much as possible, but who is more of an advisor to their customers. We see how much importance they put on the quality of all their processes and how much responsibility they take for their actions. That’s why we don’t stop at trying to exceed expectations with the quality of service we provide.


“Ziegler offers us a very high quality logistics service, which is particularly important in our sense of responsibility, which is an overriding value for us, not an empty slogan,” emphasizes Adam. “Ziegler is open to all suggestions and ideas. There is no template to follow and copy between clients. On the contrary, at Ziegler, non-standard or out-of-the-box solutions can become real. And that is very important,” he adds.