3 December 2017


The Philippines is an agricultural state and offers enormous potential for bioenergy: residues from sugarcane and rice production as well as animal waste can be used as input materials for biogas plants. Several European manufacturers of biogas plants have implemented a pioneering project with local partners. The ground-breaking ceremony for the biogas plant took place in the summer of 2016 – a premiere on the island state.
ZIEGLER also made a contribution towards this: in September 2017, the sea freight team from ZIEGLER Frankfurt / Kelsterbach shipped parts of a biogas plant to General Santos on behalf of its partner in the Philippines. This is a follow-up order. Back in 2016, the ZIEGLER team already shipped numerous containers, including several flat racks (containers without side walls or a roof), from various European suppliers to General Santos for the same biogas project.
The container of the new consignment was loaded in the Netherlands and successfully shipped in October. It was then transported by truck from the port in General Santos City (the southernmost city in the Philippines), to the location of the new biogas plant in the province of South Cotabato.
A good feeling for ZIEGLER’s team: they made a contribution towards the first bioenergy plant and sustainable energy production in the Philippines.