Ziegler Tours: when reactivity makes a difference | Ziegler
30 July 2020

Ziegler Tours: when reactivity makes a difference

The Ziegler Tours office relies on the group’s synergies to develop its vision of an efficient and responsive customer service. The agency is now looking to expand its team in order to back up the growth of its activities.

How can an agency grow while making a difference on a competitive and established market? That task belongs to Sonia Vinçon, branch manager of Ziegler Tours since February 2019. She’s tackling it with dynamism and pragmatism – values she got from her years as a charterer.

Her priority is customer satisfaction, more precisely problem resolution and the treatment of urgent requests. Our clients don’t want to waste their time waiting for their correspondent to pick up the phone. This is why we do our maximum to ensure them reliability and an optimal reactivity’, Sonia Vinçon explains.

The manager of Ziegler Tours can rely on other Ziegler agencies to maintain this quality of service and to keep expanding the agency. As a matter of fact, the other agencies help her absorb unexpected peaks in activity and offer assistance on the commercial side.

If we need help to organise a transport, we know we can count on our colleagues in Bordeaux’, Sonia Vinçon explains. Far from being only calls for back up, these regular exchanges encourage feedback. ‘We’re trying to create added value in our trucking services for example, which is hard to make profits from. This is why it is interesting to compare our methodology with the other agencies”, she illustrates.

In order to expand its activities, the Ziegler Tours agency is now recruiting a new charterer, before maybe hiring an overseas specialist.

Many companies in the region wish to have only one negotiating partner for courier and chartering. We need to take this into account while still staying close to our clients. It is this proximity that brings us back clients who left for our competitors. This is one of the advantages of being a small agency within a bigger group’, Sonia Vinçon says.