Cargobike by Ziegler
11 April 2022

Cargobike by Ziegler

In recent years, people in Belgium have become increasingly concerned about the climate, atmospheric pollution and quality of life in our cities. Belgian cities face major traffic congestion issues involving private vehicles and public transport, especially in the historical city centres.

Under these conditions, it becomes harder every day to make deliveries to customers using trucks.

That is why, in September 2021, we implemented our Cargobike project as part of our “Ziegler. Now Even Greener” programme. It is a large bicycle used to deliver parcels and pallets in city centres, using a tarped trailer to transport and protect goods. In addition, since access in narrow streets is easy, it does not cause traffic jams and does not generate emissions.

Our Cargobike is a well-known concept, and Ziegler Group wanted to differentiate itself from other logistics providers by offering a Cargobike large enough to handle more cargo in a day than a delivery truck.

With Cargobike, Ziegler is contributing to smarter and more sustainable urban logistics. The slogan “Ziegler. Now Even Greener” has never been more relevant.

To find out more, click this link to read our Cargobike E-book >