Cargobike by Ziegler: optimizing the reduction of our carbon footprint
21 April 2022

Cargobike by Ziegler: optimizing the reduction of our carbon footprint

Cargo bikes, which are showing up more and more in city centers, represent a realistic alternative for transporting goods and delivering parcels. They’re not meant to replace vehicles or vans per se, but to allow for the most efficient means of delivery depending on location, distance and package size.

Besides just logistics, the environmental benefits are integral to this method of transport because of the additional challenges traditional transport is facing all the time. Ziegler’s Cargobike does not emit CO2 and is therefore carbon neutral, which contributes to improve air quality and quality of life for residents.

The Cargobike is quite spacious with a protective tarp covering the cargo trailer,  where parcels and pallets are transported  and delivered to their final destinations in the city centre. Our Cargobike is equipped with track-and-trace in order to be able to follow the goods along the route. It has a load capacity of 800 kg and can make deliveries to up to 25 customers in two hours.

Delivery by Cargobike has several advantages, such as easier access in narrow streets and the elimination of CO2 emissions during deliveries.

From our consolidation center, our electric vans deposit goods at our micro logistics hub at the Albertine car park near Sablon, From there, parcels are picked up by our Cargobike to deliver to several points in the city centre of Brussels.

By finding new ways to reduce our ecological footprint, Ziegler intends to be a pioneer in the process of CO2 reduction by making our deliveries in more ecological ways.