Aircraft On Ground: Expert Solutions for Aviation Emergencies
22 May 2024

Aircraft On Ground: Expert Solutions for Aviation Emergencies

A dedicated team of aerospace transport specialists within the Ziegler Group is poised to meet the needs of the aerospace industry. Our team collaborates closely with clients, providing bespoke solutions to address your specific logistical requirements and ensure smooth operations.

Handling both regular shipments and AOG (Aircraft On Ground) shipments is a primary responsibility of Ziegler Group’s specialised team. AOG shipments are of utmost importance, involving the urgent delivery of aircraft parts to minimise downtime. We ensure timely transportation of vital components, aiding airlines in swiftly returning their grounded aircraft to service.

Nighttime customs clearance, facilitated by a special agreement with the airport’s customs service, enhances service efficiency. This agreement allows the clearance of essential aerospace components even during nighttime hours, not only expediting the entire process but also minimising delays for AOG shipments, thereby reducing downtime for airlines.

AOG Recovery Solutions

Whether you require short-term or long-term storage, rest assured that your assets will be kept safely with us. Our warehouses are designed to accommodate a wide variety of aircraft elements, and our staff takes all necessary measures to ensure proper care and handling of each item.

Timely delivery of spare parts to sustain your operations. With our ability to deliver parts directly by air, we guarantee fast response times and reliable service. We’ve established efficient logistics systems to minimise delays, and our well-coordinated delivery process ensures that your operations can proceed seamlessly under any circumstances.

Handling your customs clearance can be a lengthy and challenging process, but our AOG recovery solutions include a clearance service. We’ve forged a special agreement with customs, allowing us to expedite the clearance of your goods. This close relationship with customs authorities enables us to accelerate shipments and avoid delays, ensuring smooth delivery of necessary parts and components.

Our 24/7 service ensures we are always available to meet your needs, regardless of the hour. Whether it’s an inquiry, shipment tracking, or an urgent request, our knowledgeable and experienced staff is ready to assist. With their in-depth expertise, they provide a reliable and efficient service, allowing your operations to continue uninterrupted at any time of the day.

Onboard Transport Services

Accelerated delivery for your urgent shipments is available through our onboard carrier services, providing the fastest delivery solution. We ensure that your urgent or high-value shipments reach their destination as quickly as possible by leveraging qualified global specialists and air freight companies. Ziegler Group offers a 24/7, 365-days-a-year service, swiftly responding to any Aircraft On Ground (AOG) situation.

Our onboard transport service is designed to minimise the time an aircraft spends on the ground.

Our onboard transport services serve as a valuable tool to shorten response times and restore operations in the aviation sector, especially in highly trafficked hubs.

With a confident, competent, and clear approach, we strive to make things simple, efficient, and, above all, safe for all our clients.

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