Ziegler’s Sustainability Magazine 2022
19 December 2022

Ziegler’s Sustainability Magazine 2022

Do you know that 99% of everything you buy, consume, eat and drink was transported to you by emissions-generating combustion engines?

Most goods and food are not produced near your home. They need to be transported by vehicles with combustion engines to stores, depots, and even directly to your doorstep. At Ziegler, this is what we do – ensuring goods get to where they are needed. But combustion engines emit excess carbon, which is responsible for warming our climate by retaining heat in the air. We are architects for transport and logistics, but not ‘engineers’ who can invent low-emission engines or build stronger, lighter batteries.

But we are ‘entrepreneurs’, and as such we take our social responsibility seriously.

How seriously? Check it in our annual sustainability magazine, 2022 edition: