Ziegler’s Sustainability Goals in 2023
6 February 2023

Ziegler’s Sustainability Goals in 2023

For the last two years, Ziegler Group has prioritised and invested in pursuing sustainability. We are pleased that we are making progress, even if it is just the beginnings of our ambitions.

So what’s next? What do we plan for 2023? 

We now have a Group Sustainability Manager to facilitate and extend corporate sustainability efforts, and we designed a three-fold sustainability strategy for 2023:


Integrate our long-term sustainability goals and road map into Ziegler’s business strategy. 

We are working towards integrating our sustainability goals and road map into Ziegler’s long-term business strategy. 

To achieve this, we will proceed with a classic ‘stakeholder mapping’, ‘materiality analysis’ and then determine sustainability goals. The result will be an integrated Business Strategy that will help guide our sustainability efforts in the coming years.

We are currently working on these goals and expect them to be finalized by mid-2023.


Provide carbon emissions data throughout the Group.

Since our activities produce emissions, whether during transport or from on-site operations, it is important that we understand these emissions, and provide calculations and analysis to reduce them, not just for ourselves but also for our customers and partners.

Our Brussels Headquarters facilities have been certified as carbon neutral, and our TMS (Transport Management System) will be able to provide carbon emission calculations for each shipment starting on the first of January 2023. 

For our other sites, we are looking for a data solution to record carbon emissions. Once selected, we plan to implement that capability during 2023. 


Continue to pilot innovative projects 

Our team gained valuable experience and knowledge in the last two years, by taking bold decisions to launch new sustainability projects whenthe outcome was not guaranteed. This is how we gain practical experience in the real world, learning what works and what does not work and how we can improve. We walk the talk. 

Projects like electric Cargo Bikes, Autonomous Delivery Vehicles and improvements to facilities were started because we saw the opportunities and believed in them. They fit within Ziegler Group’s philosophy of piloting, doing, falling, getting up again, trying again and learning from the whole experience.

We will continue our dedication to more sustainability projects as we go into 2023. We also look forward to discovering new projects that will challenge us and push us further towards our goal of sustainable transport. 



In 2023 we plan to have our sustainability goals integrated into Ziegler’s Business Strategy, which will provide structure and vision to our activities in the coming years. We also plan to track carbon emissions for individual shipments. And you can expect more new projects in the area of sustainable transportation.