Ziegler Strasbourg has installed 2 beehives!
23 May 2022

Ziegler Strasbourg has installed 2 beehives!

After Ziegler Laval produced Ziegler-branded honey pots harvested from their very own onsite beehives, it’s now Ziegler Strasbourg’s turn to take the plunge into beekeeping under the guidance of Alexander Ende, Route Inter manager, who is a passionate beekeeper with a dozen beehives he maintains personally. So it’s fitting that he will oversee the installation and operation of two beehives at the Strasbourg branch. Each hive will house 50,000 bees and can produce 10 to 15 kilos of honey per year. The first harvest of acacia honey is expected in June!

Beehives have also been installed on the roof of Ziegler’s headquarters in Brussels.

The goal is that these projects will further ‘pollinate’ the initiative throughout the rest of Ziegler branches in Belgium.

In doing so, Ziegler is taking its eco-responsible approach even further by transforming its roofs and green spaces into refuges for biodiversity and well-being. In this way, Ziegler is doing our part to contribute to UN Sustainability Goal 15, which was established in 2015 by the United Nations as a blueprint for a better and more sustainable future: a world that respects life.