Ziegler Group takes on Brexit
21 March 2023

Ziegler Group takes on Brexit

Brexit has made importing and exporting goods between the UK and Europe more complicated than ever before. In this article, we explore how the Ziegler Group uses its know-how, experience, and international internal network to support our customers in importing to and exporting from the UK, reducing their costs and increasing competitiveness. 

One of the major challenges that have arisen since Brexit is Import procedure 42, which is a VAT-exempt supply in the EU. This regulation allows for goods to be imported into the European Union and exported to the UK while avoiding VAT payments. However, this is not an easy process and requires expertise in international shipping and customs regulations.

Thanks to our international network of customs and compliance experts and internal cooperation, Ziegler Group has introduced a streamlined procedure for navigating this complex landscape by advising our customers on how to use regime 42 to clear goods through Belgium before being transported to their final destination. By doing so, customers can reduce the amount of VAT payable when exporting between their UK and EU entities, which allows them to become more competitive against EU competitors.


This solution also benefits the exporter as they become the importer using their EU details, eliminating the need for EU receivers to complete POA’s. This makes the selling conversation between customers more attractive as many EU buyers were unfamiliar with the requirements of importing from the UK.

The Ziegler Group works with dedicated vehicle solutions to ensure full control and visibility of the movement from the UK to Belgium, and then clearing customs. This enables our customers to offer a DDP* option and offset VAT payments.

Additionally, we utilise our road freight network to move goods to Belgium and then onto the final EU destination country. Zielger’s customers have successfully started using a combination of the above solutions.


Congratulations to Ziegler Newport and the entire Ziegler UK team for seamlessly implementing the new procedure for our customers, which demonstrates our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction in the face of diverse transportation challenges.


If you need help with import/export between the EU and the UK, just contact us. 



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*Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) is a term used in international shipping that means the seller is responsible for all costs and risks associated with transporting goods to the buyer’s destination. This includes customs duties, taxes, and other fees. DDP INCO terms are used to specify who is responsible for paying these costs in a given transaction.