Ziegler Group Announces Partnerships to Bring Autonomous Delivery to Brussels
27 January 2022

Ziegler Group Announces Partnerships to Bring Autonomous Delivery to Brussels

In order to introduce autonomous delivery vehicles to Europe, Ziegler Group is partnering with several key organisations and agencies. 

Each partnership will contribute to the overall goal of building the technology, regulatory, and safety frameworks that will allow autonomous delivery vehicles to operate safely on the roads.

Ziegler Group is proud to enter into this ambitious project together with our fellow visionaries:


Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) is one of the top universities in Europe for research into autonomous vehicles. 

Their Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Technology Research Center (MOBI) is a leader in electro-mobility, sustainable mobility and logistics research. With a multidisciplinary team of over 100 specialists, MOBI gathers expertise in engineering, economic, social, political and environmental sciences. It develops electric, hybrid, and autonomous vehicles technologies, and evaluates new concepts in mobility and logistics on their sustainability. 

Ziegler Group can count on the knowledge and expertise of MOBI as we prepare the autonomous Transporter vehicles for operation, as well as pass our own data and findings back to the MOBI research centre. They will play a vital role in the testing of our autonomous logistics vehicle. We are very happy to partner with a local university that is at the forefront of research regarding this new technology.



Innoviris is a public organisation that funds and supports research and innovation in Brussels in order to address societal challenges around mobility, health, climate and social cohesion.

The new Regional Innovation Plan 2021-2027 stimulates ambitious actors to develop creative projects in 6 strategic innovation domains aiming to have a positive impact on the economical, social and ecological transition of the region.

They support various initiatives that work to improve the well-being and prosperity of every citizen in Brussels.


Brussels Chamber of Commerce

Thanks to the visionaries at the Brussels Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BECI), Ziegler Group was able to launch the Cargo Bike project. 

 Ziegler Group has been active in Brussels since 1908 and always had a special affinity with the city. The goal of this autonomous delivery project is to lessen all the external costs that are inherent to last-mile logistics and transport. We will continue to work with BECI in this new project, and find ways to benefit the city of Brussels and help BECI to address issues that the city faces that might be improved with the use of autonomous delivery vehicles.


Brussels Mobility 

Together with Brussels Mobility, Ziegler Group is looking forward to working out steps and solutions that are needed before autonomous delivery vehicles can hit the road. We are determined to work together with the government, administration and local law enforcement and believe that it is our duty as a logistics and transport provider to make sure that all our activities are safe and legal.


VIAS (Traffic safety research institute)

VIAS is a research organisation focused on improving road and mobility safety. Their team is 120 strong, ranging from academic researchers and engineers, psychologists and field specialists, to legal advisers and consultants. 

This diversity of knowledge makes them a specialised and much-appreciated partner for Ziegler Group as we address the safety of autonomous vehicles. They will also be crucial during testing as they will help us use the vehicle with the highest safety for users and other road users taking into consideration the infrastructure on which the vehicle operates. They have been a part of every major project regarding autonomous vehicles and their testing in Belgium and will also support Ziegler on legal, modal approval and user acceptance issues.


Udelv (Delivery Vehicle provider)

Udelv is the supplier of the autonomous Transporter EV that can handle last- and middle-mile multi-stop deliveries. Ziegler Group has ordered a number of Transporters to pilot, and the partnership with Udelv will be very close as these vehicles are developed and tested for use in various European countries.


MobileEye (Technology provider)

MobileEye is an Intel company that develops the autonomous driving technology and software used in the Udelv Transporters, in addition to their other many projects and achievements in improving road safety through their innovative technologies.

As one of the top providers of autonomous driving software and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), MobileEye-equipped vehicles have mapped more than one billion kilometres of roads globally, and their high standards for safety and best-in-class performance is one of the key features of the Udelv Transporter.