When will Ziegler’s Autonomous Delivery Vehicles Begin Testing?
31 January 2023

When will Ziegler’s Autonomous Delivery Vehicles Begin Testing?

Ziegler Group understands supply chain challenges more than most.

Filled with excitement, we are looking forward to receiving the first autonomous delivery vehicles that we ordered last year so that we can begin testing them in conjunction with various research institutes and government bodies in Europe. 

However, we will need to be patient since our rollout of autonomous delivery vehicles for Europe is somewhat delayed due to supply chain issues for the vehicle manufacturer in the USA. 

Udelv – the maker of the Transporter autonomous delivery vehicle Ziegler has ordered – is pioneering cutting-edge solutions for autonomous last-mile delivery, and they are working through the issues caused by economic issues that are causing these unavoidable delays. 

There are still some steps to be done before testing can even begin. So Ziegler Group is hard at work setting up the conditions, research and partnerships that must be in place to bring this game-changing technology to Europe. We will use this time to prepare the ground even better. 

We are looking forward to the arrival of Ziegler’s first Autonomous Delivery Vehicles. And as we embrace this unfolding revolution in last-mile delivery, we are not losing sight of our goals – bring our customers more convenience while simultaneously boosting sustainability and quality of life in cities around Europe.