The Choose France 2023 Summit
1 June 2023

The Choose France 2023 Summit

The Choose France summit, an event that showcases the investment opportunities and economic potential of France, recently brought together industry leaders, government officials, and prominent businesses from around the world. Ziegler Group was among the distinguished invitees. Our participation in the summit was a testament to our enduring partnership with France and positive outlook for the future.


Choosing France since 1946

We take pride in our long-standing relationship with France, a country that has played a significant role in the company’s success. Since 1946, when Ziegler launched our very first branches in France, we have recognized the potential and opportunities that France offers. Over the last 77 years, Ziegler France has established dozens of additional branches in various corners of the country, demonstrating our commitment to serving both French and international businesses while contributing to the local economy.


Participation at the Choose France Summit

The Choose France Summit was an excellent platform for us to showcase our commitment to the country, explore new business and development opportunities, and engage in relevant discussions. We were particularly interested in the panel discussions and lectures on various aspects of sustainable French business development, like “Powering the future: France’s Low-Carbon Strategy, from Energy Production to Industrial Competitiveness.” These discussions offered valuable insights into the innovative solutions and strategies required to drive sustainable growth in the French business landscape.


We would like to express our thanks to President Emmanuel Macron for extending this invitation to our company. We appreciate the excellent organization of the event, which provided a conducive environment for fruitful networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. We would also like to congratulate the organisers on the resounding success of the summit, as it truly highlighted the potential of France as an investment destination and a driver of sustainable development.

We remain optimistic about the prospects and opportunities that doing business in France offers, and look forward to continuing our successful partnership with the country for many years to come.