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What is Sustainable Transportation?

Sustainable transport is both affordable and energy-efficient. Companies that offer sustainable transport have switched over to using vehicles and methods that produce lower carbon emissions compared to traditional vehicles, which significantly lessen air pollution and energy consumption.

Sustainable transport is both affordable and energy-efficient. Companies that offer sustainable transport have switched over to using vehicles and methods that produce lower carbon emissions compared to traditional vehicles, which significantly lessen air pollution and energy consumption.

To help mitigate rapid climate changes, European nations have implemented sustainable transport policies as an obligation, and logistic companies now face heavier public demand for sustainability.

To improve sustainability in the shipping industry, companies are now taking the lead in developing sustainable transportation methods – solutions that comply with new environmental regulations without reducing profit.

Making Your Transport Sustainable

With collective effort from the public and large corporations, we’re closer to creating environmentally friendly roads.

Many new eco-friendly technologies are becoming available for logistics companies at present, and Ziegler is already taking the necessary steps towards this goal with the “Ziegler. Now even greener” program.

Here are three ways to improve your sustainable transport strategy.


Go Solar

Renewable energies such as solar power reduce hydrocarbons, transport costs, and carbon emissions altogether.

Using solar panels, Ziegler dropped its electricity consumption from the grid by 33% at our HQ in Brussels.


Optimize Your Supply Chain

Carriers like Ziegler that offer a worldwide network and multimodal transport can help you make your supply chain more flexible, efficient, and sustainable by employing the least impactful shipping methods that still deliver your goods on schedule and for the right price.


Invest in Eco-Friendly Technology

Apart from non-polluting carriers, you can also benefit from our use of software that calculates carbon footprint to help map out the most efficient transport routes and load capacity for our fleet.

Benefits of Transport Sustainability

Change is inevitable and often causes initial discomfort. Not just for the company involved, but for the experienced workers who will undergo massive work adjustments in the process.

However, implementing these changes early on will be a powerful asset in the long run.

Sustainable transportation promotes environmental recovery. It lessens carbon footprint, fossil fuel and energy consumption, and improves compliance with sustainable transport policy and guidelines, transforming your business into an environmentally-conscious corporation.

Sustainable transportation boosts company reliability. A well-developed sustainable management system attracts stakeholders preferring eco-friendly transport solutions.

Sustainability becomes your unique edge among your competitors who are lagging behind in compliance and innovation.

Sustainable transportation optimizes logistic operations. Current innovations offer numerous tools and features that increase fleet efficiency.

This includes software that tracks fuel efficiency, driving performance and more. Eco-driving reports identify improvement areas as well and reduce transport costs altogether.

Get Green with Ziegler

At Ziegler, sustainability is a priority throughout every area of our company. And working with Ziegler means driving towards a balance of modern efficiency and environmental awareness.

Here are just some of the ways we are going ‘green’:

The Ziegler Group is transitioning into an eco-fleet system by switching to a Euro 6 fleet engine standard that reduces emissions and complies with EU regulations. Additionally, our drivers undergo eco-driving training and use onboard software to effectively monitor and optimize our sustainable road transport.

Ziegler’s Cargo Bikes are an excellent pilot project for the sustainable transportation of goods in congested city centres. These large bikes transport goods in a secured, tarped trailer with zero carbon emissions. This innovation received a ‘Sustainability Award’ from FORWARD Belgium.

Ziegler also promotes sustainable air freight options as a member of Air France KLM Martinair Cargo SA programme. We encourage using sustainable fuel for aviation – a jet fuel alternative that reduces carbon emissions.

Sustainable rail transport is also a highlight for the Ziegler Group. It’s the most sustainable transport method and is best for transporting goods from Europe to China and vice versa.

Ziegler’s ecological commitment and authentic logistics solutions are helping us contribute positively to the UN’s FORWARD Goals for Sustainable Development. With Ziegler, you can expect highly efficient sustainable solutions made for you.

Sustainability is coming to the transport industry, and you can bring sustainability to your own supply chain.

Work with a logistics operator that manifests sustainability in their entire organisation. Work smart, work with Ziegler.

Looking for ways to decarbonise transport? Go from good to better with sustainable transportation.

As we slowly move towards a greener tomorrow, technology has made it possible to develop environmentally friendly shipping options for both consumers and transport companies – solutions that reduce our carbon footprint while maintaining high productivity levels simultaneously.

Because challenges still remain for companies who implement more sustainable transport solutions, not all operators have embraced it fully and can offer it.

But the benefits to both the end customer and the environment outweigh the hassle, and it will only get easier in the future thanks to the efforts currently underway by companies like Ziegler and others.