Innovative Solutions for Low Emission Zones and Sustainable Logistics
21 August 2023

Innovative Solutions for Low Emission Zones and Sustainable Logistics

Low Emission Zones (LEZs) were created as a policy response to address the issue of air pollution and reduce emissions from vehicles in urban areas. These zones are geographic areas where certain vehicles that produce high levels of pollutants are either restricted or charged a fee to enter. The goal is to encourage the use of cleaner vehicles and improve air quality in densely populated regions.

The first official Low Emission Zone was introduced in London, in 2008. After London’s success, other European cities followed suit. Each city set its own criteria for restricted vehicles, emission standards, and charging schemes. Over time the concept of Low Emission Zones has expanded beyond Europe and the emission standards and criteria for vehicles allowed in these zones have become stricter.

In response to these progressive measures and other environmental challenges, Ziegler Group swiftly implemented various initiatives and studies. Their goal was to not only comply with the evolving regulations but also to proactively develop customised, flexible solutions for their clients, making their supply chains resilient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.


The Challenge of Embracing Green Transportation 

Amid the growing awareness of environmental concerns and the introduction of regulatory frameworks, the transportation industry faces significant hurdles in transitioning to greener practices. As cities implement traffic limits and low-emission zones, logistics companies like Ziegler must find innovative ways to adapt their operations while meeting the unique requirements of each client.


Ziegler is Pioneering Solutions for Sustainable Logistics 


Customised Green Fleet Initiatives  

Ziegler Group understands the critical role of our vehicle fleet in achieving sustainable logistics. To align with the environmental regulations, we embarked on an ambitious “greening” project. Currently, 93% of Ziegler’s heavy vehicle fleet complies with Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission standards, significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

Ziegler also actively participates in the research for using of heavy electric vehicles, exploring alternative fuel options like B100, HVO, and XTL. This commitment ensures that our fleet continues to evolve towards greater sustainability.


Innovative Last-Mile Delivery Options  

Recognizing that last-mile delivery contributes significantly to emissions, Ziegler introduced two cutting-edge solutions. “Cargo Bike by Ziegler” presents a unique approach to package and pallet delivery, utilising bicycles with covered trailers to navigate narrow and restricted city streets while emitting zero CO2.


Additionally, Ziegler is spearheading the development of autonomous, electric delivery vehicles. This self-driving and cabinless vehicle has the potential to revolutionise last-mile delivery, providing efficient and eco-friendly alternatives for urban areas.




Smart Technology for Environmental Compliance  

To achieve greater environmental compliance, Ziegler leverages smart technology solutions. Automated delivery route optimization systems employ advanced algorithms to minimise delivery distances and maximise the number of customers served per vehicle, reducing fuel consumption and emissions.


Advancing Multimodal Transportation  

Ziegler actively integrates multimodal transportation as a greener approach to meet the evolving demands of metropolitan areas. Emphasising eco-friendly options like train-based logistics or inland waterway freight, we strive to create more sustainable supply chain solutions.


Ziegler Group’s Unique and Flexible Approach 

Ziegler Group stands out by delivering tailored solutions to address each client’s unique requirements. Our proactive response to the environmental challenges ensures that we not only comply with regulations but also help our clients thrive in a greener landscape. By stabilising supply chains, reducing costs, and fostering resilience, Ziegler enables our clients to embrace a sustainable future with confidence.