How Sustainable Transportation is Changing Logistics
23 March 2023

How Sustainable Transportation is Changing Logistics

As we move towards a greener tomorrow, technology has made it possible to develop environmentally friendly shipping options for both consumers and transport companies – solutions that reduce our carbon footprint while maintaining high productivity levels simultaneously.

Challenges remain, but the benefits to both the end customer and the environment outweigh the hassle, and it will only get easier as companies help lead the way.

To help mitigate rapid climate changes, the EU has implemented sustainable transport policies as an obligation, and logistic companies now face heavier public demand for sustainable options. 

To improve sustainability in the shipping industry, companies are now taking the lead in offering solutions that comply with new environmental regulations without reducing profit.

Many new eco-friendly technologies are becoming available for logistics companies at present, and Ziegler is already taking the necessary steps towards this goal with the “Ziegler. Now even greener” program.


Here are three ways we are doing that:

  1. Optimising customer supply chains with more efficient, fast and ecologically-responsible transport solutions.
  2. Reducing our energy dependence with solar panels in our facilities and other programmes to reduce our electrical usage.
  3. Reducing our emissions by implementing electric delivery vehicles, biodiesels, eco-driving software on our trucks, and much more.


These changes can be challenging at first, as they require altering the status quo and asking our customers to take the leap with us. 


But the benefits are already being felt.

  1. Lessening our carbon footprint, fossil fuel and energy consumption, acts to improve compliance with sustainable transport policy and guidelines, while transforming our business into an environmentally-conscious corporation.
  2. A well-developed sustainable management system attracts stakeholders who prefer eco-friendly transport solutions. Sustainability becomes our unique edge among competitors who lag in compliance and innovation.
  3. Sustainable transportation optimises logistic operations. Current innovations offer numerous tools and features that increase fleet efficiency. This includes software that tracks fuel efficiency, driving performance and more.


Sustainability is coming to the transport industry. Ziegler Group is determined to be ahead of the pack.