Free Rail Freight Quotation from China to Europe
14 March 2022

Free Rail Freight Quotation from China to Europe

Get a free quote for LCL or FCL container shipment from China using rail freight


Future-proof and diversify your supply chain. Be prepared for any future disruptions by adding rail freight into your logistics chain.


Ziegler offers professional help to transport your LCL and FCL shipments via rail from China to Europe.

Diversify your supply chain management with Rail Freight, with highly secure shipping methods that allow GPS tracking of your containers all the way from China. This will allow you to protect your business from any future ocean freight disruptions.

Rail freight takes less time to deliver containers from China to Europe than ocean freight, allowing you to react to growing market demands quicker and counteract expanding ocean freight shipping times.

Why choose rail freight?

Rail freight is an affordable alternative to ocean freight that provides faster delivery times from China to Europe. It’s the most sustainable and environmentally friendly container transportation method from China to Europe today.

Faster than ocean freight

More affordable than air freight

Growing every year


Rail service started with only a few trains in 2012 and has reached around 15 000 trains in 2021. Incroporating Rail Freight is easy, because it requires the same documentation that you already use for ocean freight.

Ziegler offers full-service solutions:

Picking up your freight from a factory in China

Providing GPS trackable containers

Delivering to the pickup railway station in China

Helping to prepare documents for clearing customs

Delivering goods from end stations to your final location

More than ever, consumers seek companies that care about the environment. So chose the most sustainable transportation options from China to Europe to bring environmental practices to your supply chain and increase customer confidence.