Customer-Focused Digital Evolution From Ziegler Group | Ziegler
13 January 2022

Customer-Focused Digital Evolution From Ziegler Group

Building next-gen digital apps to give customers control, visibility and analytics.


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For more than 100 years, Ziegler Group’s customer-centric approach has remained at the forefront of all we do. 

Today, being customer-focused means supporting customers with digital solutions that empower them with greater control, transparency and business intelligence. 

We are developing these solutions now through ambitious digital transformation with a strong customer focus.

Converging across our centers of excellence located in Belgium, France and Poland, a cross functional team of international specialists from the fields of IT, UX, logistics and marketing are building the next generation of digital innovations for Ziegler’s customers.


End-to-End Digital Logistics 

“Our customers are expecting the same level of interaction, communication and collaboration with us like they have with online booking and social media,” Jian Wu, CIO of Ziegler Group, says. “Therefore, our focus is to digitize the customer journey to provide them a seamless experience.”

Our digital services are being built so that the customer has everything at their fingertips: from the first contact point through to planning, quoting and booking, and all the way through to tracking and payment. 

In the end, our customers will not only get a tool, a system, or a portal, but they will also get an end-to-end digital service powered by Ziegler’s in-depth business know-how. 


Next Gen Applications Require The Best People

Although Ziegler Group has a long history of internally-built IT solutions for transport management, some legacy systems can be updated to current standards, while others must be created afresh with the latest technologies and best practices. 

“In Ziegler, we’re implementing many new applications – innovative and outstanding ones!” says Rodolfo Gallia, IT Products Manager. “I have the pleasure to work with an amazing team. We have people from all over Europe and we are still young and willing to grow.”


Industry-Best Security & Cloud Services

By working with a marketing-leading IT security provider, Ziegler Group is ensuring that client data security is an utmost priority.

And by moving into cloud services, Ziegler Group (and our customers by extension) will have access to the best technologies to provide stable applications and reliable tools. 


Coming Soon

Our goal is ambitious – “to be the most customer-focused IT service provider,” as Jian Wu says. 

Instead of looking at systems and challenges from our internal operational perspective, we are instead viewing them from our customer’s perspective. And that change in viewpoint is enabling us to transform processes to maximize customer value – which is what Ziegler Group has always aimed to provide.