Biking to work: so easy with Ziegler
29 March 2022

Biking to work: so easy with Ziegler

A full 20% of employed Belgians live less than 15 kilometers from their workplaces, so commuting by bicycle obviously has enormous potential. 

Ziegler is fully aware of this opportunity and the inherent benefits that come with it: improved physical fitness of employees, reduced atmospheric pollution, and less time wasted in traffic jams for them are all benefits that electric bikes have to offer.

With those advantages in mind, Ziegler has made it easier for employees to start using this means of transport by offering its employees in Belgium an advantageous bicycle leasing programme that started in January 2021. Ziegler’s staff can choose the electric bike of their dreams from among many models available from authorised dealers, and benefit from a package including annual maintenance, insurance and the possibility of buying the bicycle at the end of the lease.

Since the launch of the programme, the number of Ziegler employees who have taken the plunge to ride their e-bikes to work has increased. The programme continues to attract more and more participants who wish to adopt a more economical mode of transport, have a desire to stay fit, and who support further development of appropropriate infrastructure to facilitate such travel more widely – such as bike paths.

In addition to turning their daily commutes into real workouts sessions, these Ziegler employees  are contributing to the increasingly green reputation of Ziegler and are perfect ambassadors for the company’s sustainable development programme “Ziegler. Now even Greener”.