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Rail and road combined

Ziegler offers the multimodal service to and from several destinations in Europe, shipping by rail is the efficient, reliable & environmentally friendly solution.

Utilising the rail solution offers great flexibility in both pricing and transit time, coupled with the environmental benefits.

If you have larger and complex volumes that require high frequency and stability, rail transport is the preferred alternative to traditional road transport in Europe.


With our rail transport in Europe you get :

  • Frequent and stable departure and arrival times.
  • Possibility to increase volumes significantly on your transports in Europe.
  • A greener alternative to road transport (reduced emissions of CO2).
  • Possibility of tailor-made transport solutions based on rail transport.

At Ziegler you get many years of experience with rail transport.




Looking for a good price and a greener option at the same time ?

With specialized rail transport to and from China and Europe, we offer a fast and reliable transport alternative to air and sea freight. Our customers benefit from a high departure frequency, great flexibility and in some areas, shorter transit times. In addition, environmentally friendly rail freight transport offers a cost advantage and greater capacity compared to air freight. Ziegler also offers its customers a guaranteed weekly general cargo container service between China and Europe.

Flexible and direct

Whether it comes to congestion in the seaport, strikes or peak seasons paralyzing air traffic – our railroad solution provides a guaranteed alternative when your shipment is required to be there on time. The dedicated team implements customer-specific transport solutions and are able to rapidly respond to short-term projects and market changes.

Security & Insurance of your shipments

The railway solution provides the safe and timely delivery of goods and in addition, extensive security measures (such as anti-theft equipment and container locks) and close monitoring ensure smooth and safe transport.

Our services

  • Rail transport to and from China and Europe
  • Reliable door / door solutions
  • Pre – and on carriage through China and Europe
  • FCL and LCL consolidations
  • 50 % cheaper than air and 50 % faster than sea freight
  • Cross-docking and customs clearance
  • Transport insurance
  • 24/7 track & trace by GPS
  • Eco-oriented and sustainable transportation
Your benefits

  • High departure frequency
  • Great flexibility
  • Short transit times
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Cost effective