Brexit. New rules starting in January 1, 2021.
30 oktober 2020

Brexit. New rules starting in January 1, 2021.

Brexit is going to bring some changes to your organization soon. Ziegler’s expert groups in the UK and Europe have worked their best to minimize Brexit related disruption to logistics networks. As international specialists, we want to support you in this transition. Therefore, to prepare and support you in this transformation, we provide a non-exhaustive list which includes the formalities to be done to limit the impact of Brexit on your business.



  • If any product restrictions apply in Great Britain or the EU countries you send to –> check here
  • If additional licenses or certifications are needed for your products –> check here
  • If any special export control requirements apply to your products –> check here
  • If your UK VAT number is valid and the option to defer VAT posting



  • What is the commodity code (HS code/harmonized system) of your product and remember to indicate it on your invoice and the electronic transmission –> learn more


Make sure:

  • You provide a complete and accurate commercial or proforma invoice
  • You applied for an EORI number (for EU and UK) if you don’t have one yet
  • You set up a UK deferral account for import duties and VAT


We are on your call and will be happy to help you go through the formalities related to Brexit. We are looking forward to continuing our cooperation and being able to support your export efforts and guide you through the unknown of Brexit.


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