One Partner for Complete Supply Chain Management


Ziegler Group manages the full inbound and outbound supply chains for companies of all sizes and industries.

Our 100+ years experience, international network, and specialised team allow us to source materials from afar to meet your production schedule, while also coordinating outbound transport of your finished products to your customers.

Inbound Supply Chain for Manufacturing

Ziegler Group can manage all the logistics that concern keeping your production on schedule.
Our sourcing teams find parts and raw materials from all over the world based on your manufacturing needs. Leave that hassle to the experts!
We’ll manage all aspects of your supply chain – from departure from originating factories to seaports or airports and through to delivery at your facilities – keeping your parts and supplies inventories at the required levels when you need them.

Outbound Transport to Customers

Our comprehensive services also cover all the warehousing and delivery needs you have for getting your products safety delivery to their final destinations on time.
Ziegler Group has an extensive network of own and partner locations throughout Europe and the world to ensure your transport is managed in the best possible way.

Finding the Savings

Our specialists are constantly on the lookout for ways to make your whole supply chain more economical. You can rely on us to continually improve and push for more savings. We are expected to produce savings for you. We know the best roads, routes, modes and must maintain the most advantageous purchasing contracts with transportation companies. So our responsibilities are not only to manage the flow of goods and guarantee high quality delivery, but also to produce savings for our customers.


Ziegler Group is not restricted by borders or modes of transport. We find the best ways of optimising your supply chain. Whether that means air transport for certain goods or a combination of sea cargo and river barges for delivery to another location. And we’re always on the lookout for new developments that will give you an advantage.

A Relationship for the Future

Work with a supply chain partner that is family-run, has more than 100 years experience, and treats your business with the same care as with our own. Our 3200 logistics specialists are located throughout 155 operational offices worldwide. Our goal is to provide customers with personalised support and a lasting relationship built on trust. And while accomplishing that, we are making intentional investments into technologies and processes that will make transport more ecologically responsible.